Wedding video offers for 2022

Wedding video

Feature Film 20–30 min & highlights video 3–4 min
One shooting before wedding, shooting of your wedding day
3 videographers, aerial video.
Term of production: 6 months.
Price: $1700

Feature Film 10–15 min
One shooting before wedding, shooting of your wedding day,
2 videographers.
Term of production: 4 months.
Price: $1300

Highlights Video 3–4 min
Shooting of your wedding day,
1 videographer.
Term of production: 3 months.
Price: $800

Love story film

Short movie 2–3 min
One day of shooting.
Term of production: 2 months.
Price: $600

Additional services

* Possibility of additional services should be discussed
individually for each project.

Pre-wedding shooting
3–5 Hours of shooting.
This video will be used in your wedding film.
Price: $150

SDE | Same Day Edit Highlights video
Editing of your highlights video and presentation
it at the wedding day.
Price: $500

Aerial videography
Shooting of your wedding by drone.
Price: $200

Fast video editing
Editing of your feature film and highlights video in 1 month.
Price: +30 %

All the worries about traveling transfer, (hotel, visas, etc.)
outside of Crimea, have to be solved by the customer.

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Hello! We are the band of people united by common thoughts, ideas and ambitions. We love to film people who are in love, we love to film happy families, we love to film everything that makes this world better.

The main direction of our activity is wedding and family videography. People show their emotions the most expressive way, so we can not only to make our service but get pleasure making things that we love.
To help you understand us a little better we`ve compiled a list of our priorities.
We love to film a thousand details of which the wedding decor consists of. In our movies we show all this to convey the atmosphere of celebration. But firstly we give our attention to the guests on wedding. Candles, chairs and flowers are eternal but people change over the years. The most important thing for us is to show what were they like at the wedding day. And we always try not to sacrifice this for the sake of decoration.
Wedding is a performance. Everything goes solemnly and beautiful this day. But sometimes newlyweds find difficult to feel each other. In our understanding, the wedding is a celebration of real feelings. It is really personal day, so we try to decrease a presence effect of us. We hardly ever ask you to pose on camera. The important for us — is to catch true emotions, looks, touches.
We try to realize what newlyweds feel, shooting a wedding. We try to transmit this feelings, editing a movie. In our understanding, good wedding movie — is not only a nice looking frames selection, but possibility to feel excitement of your wedding day again and again.
These are tasks that we set ourselves. Nevertheless everyone has one’s own notion of wedding day. This is the most beautiful and elegant day for someone, and knees-up for others. For us — wedding is a tender and fairy celebration of new family. If you have the same opinion, we invite you to contact us.


Moscow, Crimea.
Phones, WhatsApp, Viber: +7 978 786-83-15, +7 978 786-83-16
E-mail: youtube takprosto